Unlock the potential of Light Gauge Steel and experience the blend of durability, efficiency, and sustainability in modern construction.

Light weight

The production of structures from galvanised sheets makes these structures very light and the high ratio of strength to weight of sections is a unique feature of these structures.

Ability to build

Since all structural members are manufactured in the factory, this reduces work on site and increases the quality of construction.

Speed and ease of execution

The metal structure of the structure can be erected quickly because the members of the structure are prefabricated and, due to their light weight, they are easily portable.


The high safety of LGS structures against earthquakes and fires has made it a symbol of a safe structure in the construction industry. Also, wind loads are calculated in the relevant software and the structures are safe in terms of wind resistance.


The use of fully automatic devices and precision computing software reduces human errors to zero and results in high accuracy in the execution of details. LGS buildings have a long life and are resistant to corrosion, chemical corrosion and weathering due to the use of galvanised sheets.


Lightweight steel is very strong even if it is light in weight. This is one of the most important advantages of these building materials.

Speed of possible repairs and reconstruction

Due to the stability of the buildings and its final quality, there is not much need for maintenance during operations. However, due to the ease of access to the branches, in case of any problems, repair or replacement of part of the building can be done quickly and the problems will not spread to other parts and the whole building will not be affected by the damage. Load-free walls can also be easily replaced or removed.

Design flexibility and space saving

Because the thickness of the walls in these structures is small and the load of the building is distributed throughout the structure through the walls, there is no need for columns with high cross-sectional dimensions, which creates more open spaces and increases design flexibility and useful building space development.


All steel products are 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again without degradation.

Optimization of energy consumption

LGS structures reduce energy waste due to global energy consumption standards and complete insulation of the building, thus significantly saving energy consumption.
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