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Stud walls

Offering a Highly Durable Framework for Construction Projects, Both Commercial and Residential For those seeking a robust framework for constructing walls, wall framing, and partitions, steel stud frames present an exceptionally effective and versatile option. The increasing popularity of steel studs can be attributed to their durability in comparison to traditional timber studs.

Advantages of Steel Stud Frames

Steel studs are lightweight and unattractive to termites.
Especially in areas prone to water exposure, such as bathrooms and basements, the water-resistant nature of steel studs makes them a logical choice
The consistency of quality in steel stud frames is reliably maintained, consistently arriving in flawless condition, a notable contrast to timber studs that may exhibit twists or bends.
Once installed, steel studs remain impervious to rotting, bowing, or warping.

Construction of Steel Stud Frames

Every construction project, whether in Melbourne or across Victoria, has its unique requirements. When you engage with our highly skilled team at LGS Smart Tech, we take the time to thoroughly comprehend your project and the role a steel stud frame will play in it. Before proceeding with precision manufacturing, conducted exclusively in-house, we provide a detailed quote, encompassing all the necessary components for on-site erection.
In terms of engineering your product, a reg 126 certificate is issued with every steel stud frame we manufacture, complemented by a frame inspection upon installation completion. The panels are meticulously assembled, and the product is delivered to meet your project deadlines. On-site, we supply the connectors and erection drawings essential for assembling your steel stud frame structure.

In-House Engineering of Steel Stud Frames by LGS Solutions

We take pride in the superior quality of light steel products we create. This commitment is further reinforced by our exceptional level of service. Inquiries are addressed promptly and with a friendly and professional approach. We prioritize quick turnaround times, recognizing their significance in keeping your project on schedule and within budget.
With adept designers and experienced assemblers, we offer innovative and practical solutions to any challenges our clients may encounter during their projects. In fact, we have a reputation for devising solutions to keep projects on track. Unlike many others who outsource various production processes, at LGS Smart Tech, all work is completed by our skilled in-house team. This, coupled with our highly competitive prices, is a key reason why numerous major clients repeatedly choose us for their projects and recommend our services to others.

Roof Truss

Metal Trusses Can Cover Greater Distances Compared to Timber Alternatives. For nearly 70 years, steel has been a staple in building and construction, gaining popularity in both commercial and residential projects due to its numerous benefits.

The most commonly utilized product, steel, provides a lightweight solution for trusses. Steel roof trusses are notably more robust, aiding in their installation. They are resistant to splitting, cracking, and shrinkage, and are immune to termite attacks. Additionally, steel is environmentally friendly, given its ease of recyclability.



Joists serve as horizontal framing elements that span open areas in ceilings, floors, and roofs, often positioned between beams transferring loads to vertical members. In flooring, they enhance stiffness in subfloor sheathing. Typically laid in parallel series across bearing walls and girders, joists are affixed to them through supports.

Opting for light steel joists, as opposed to timber, eliminates the risk of rot, sagging, shrinking, and warping, and provides resistance to termite and fungal attacks. These joists exhibit the strength to support loads over an extended period, making them suitable for areas with challenging climates.

Lightweight Steel Floor and Roof Joists Tailored for Your Project?

Rely on Our Skilled and Experienced Team to Meet Your Project Needs in Melbourne or Across Victoria
Upon contacting our LGS Smart tech team, we invest time to comprehend your joist requirements. Using 3BD BIM software, our design team creates an initial design for your assessment and approval.

Facade steel frames

A steel frame for facades offers support against both lateral and vertical forces, enhancing resistance to external elements like wind.

Several advantages arise from the adoption of facade steel framing, including.

Facade steel frames play a crucial role in attaining heightened levels of both acoustic and thermal insulation.
The integration of light steel and C sections provides support for a wide range of cladding applications.
The use of lightweight facades effectively lessens the load on the supporting structure.
Additionally, the ability to prefabricated facade steel frames into modules accelerates the installation process.

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